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In alphabetical order of title:

A Post-Hapsburg Index - P.R. and H.C. Davis 1975. 148 pages. A gazeteer of places with old and new names, map references and illustrations. Harry Hayes publication.

Abony Város Postabélyeggzöi. A XIX Században - Dr. Lázsló Györe1988. Town handstamps of Abony. Pál & Molnár

Állami Nyomda RT. 1995. Large brochure with colour illustrations about the printing of stamps, postal material, etc. printed by the company. In Hungarian.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ungarn e.V. im B D Ph e.V. No. 5 June 1996. Small thick booklet. German translation of information found in Monografia dealing with early issues. Many useful illustrations of the printing differences.

Austria& Hungary. 1979. Stanley Gibbons catalogue Part 2.

Austro-Hungarian APOs 1914-1918 - K. Tranmer. 1973. 115 pages. Fairly comprehensive listing of post offices and their marks.

Austro-Hungarian Navy in WWI – John Beech. May 2002. 143 pages Extensive compilation downloaded from John Beech’s website covering history, day by day chronology, fleet details, Adriatic ships, land based cachets, military civil mails, Danube flotilla, other flotillas, maps. An essential reference work for anyone interested in the Austro-Hungarian Navy or WWI.

Az 1956-OS Soproni Bélyegkiakás - Dr. Czencz Sándor 1985. In Hungarian.

Baranya Bélyegkibocsátásai 1919 - Surányi László 1979. 116 pages. Overprints used in the Baranya. Plenty of illustrations. Budapest In Hungarian.

Bélyegmúzeumi szemle. 1988. Booklet illustrating some items in the Stamp Museum. In Hungarian.

Bibliography of Philatelic Literature - G.E. Conolly 1982. 20 pages. Lists sources of information on philately of Czechoslovakia. Monograph No. 2 of Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Billig’s Philatelic Handbook. Volume VI. - Frítz Billig 1946. Early stamps and cancellations pre-1914. Very small section for Fiume and Hungary. Further information for Hungary in vols 1,2,3 & 5 [not in library].

Budapest utcajegyzékr - Dezsö Horn 1972. 111 pages. Postcodes in Budapest.

But What Does It Mean? 1985. Extracts from “A Glossary of Philatelic Terms 1951”

Cancellation of Money Handling by the Hungarian Post 1867 - Endre Szep 1994. Part 1 and Part 2. Catalogues showing all patterns of known cancellations. Complements Monografia Vol VI.

Cancellations of the Hungarian Post Offices on the stamps of Austria - G.S. Ryan R.S.P.L. 1980.

Cancellations of the Hungarian Post Offices on the first issue of Hungary - G.S. Ryan. 1988. Vols I and II.

Carpatho-Ukraine. Postal markings of 1938-1945 - W.A. Page 1985. 38 pages. Monograph No. 4 of Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Carpatho-Ukraine. A Catalogue Checklist - Peter Bylen 1995. 26 pages. Listing of overprints on Hungarian stamps used 1939-1946 and special issues including illustrations. Ukrainian Philatelic Resources No. 3.

Catalogue of Hungarian stamps with detail on local issues, occupation overprints, etc. - Sándor Székely. Budapest 1949 184 pages. Hungarian with English translation. [cover missing].

Ceskoslovenska filatelie Praga 88. Produced for the World Postage Stamp Exhibition in Prague. Dictionary of philatelic terms. Coloured illustrations. 1988. In Czech only.

Czechoslovak Legion in Poland & Russia 1939-1941 and Middle East 1940-1943. Palkoska & Hornung 2003. Monograph No 16 by Czechoslovak Philatelic Society.

Christies Catalogue March 26 1996. Includes further items from the Gary Ryan collection.

Czechoslovak Field Post 1918-1921. Brian C. Day 2002. 135 pages. Very detailed, well illustrated book covering Austro-Hungary, Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia, Carpatho-Ukraine, and more. All areas of the conflict are covered. Both covers and postcards. Some illustrations in colour, with good descriptions of each. Some maps, and postage rates. Easy to read. Monograph No.17. Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Dalmatia - Martin Brumby 1997. Lists all known postmarks for this area, and contains useful historical information. Vol 1 of the Austro-Hungarian Postmark Project.

Die Poststempel auf der Freimarkenausgabe 1867 von Oesterreich und Ungarn. - E. Müller. Vienna ?1930. An incomplete photocopy of the original which lists cancellations on the 1867 issue. Included here are pp. XXVI, XLVIII 1-322, 338-343. This copy is extensively annotated by a former owner

Dunamedence Allamainak Bélyegkatalógusa - Jenó Szabó-Antal 1944. 167 pages. A catalogue of the stamps of Hungary and her neighbours.

Eastern Europe in the Soviet shadow - Harry Schwartz 1973. Begins with the meeting between President Tito and Nixon in 1970 and goes on to discuss events up to and during the Soviet occupation of East Europe.

Észak Magyarország Hirközlésének Története. History of Telecommunications in Northern Hungary in Hungarian with English summary - Kamody Miklós. 142 pages + map of 1802. Herman Ottó Múzeum 1985.

First stamps of Hungary 1867 - G.S. Ryan 1982. 21 pages. Royal Philatelic Society of London.

Glossary of Philatelic Terms - Ed. Harold T. Graham 1951. Includes Technical Terms at the back. Philatelic Congress of Great Britain.

Gondolatok A bélyeggyüjtésröl - Lázslo Bokros. 1987. Thoughts on philately. Humerous poems. In Hungarian.

Graf Zeppelin in Austria – John Duggan. Small monograph dealing with flights to Austria in 1929 and 1931. Nicely printed illustrated comprehensive account including history, routes, postmarks, etc. Many Hungary mentions plus other countries. Zeppelin Study Group March 2003.

Handbook of Hungarian Pre-Stamp Mail - A. Bér and E. Makkai. 1989. Arge-Ungarn e. V. im BDPh e. V. In Hungarian, German and English.

Handbook of the Pre-Stamp Postmarks of Austria - Edwin Meuller 1960. This book covers history, territory changes, postal history, rates, postmarks. Illustrated. Anything to do with pre-stamp mail. Useful bibliography at back. Collectors Club New York U.S.A.

Handbook of the Hungarian Revenues - Dr. István Flóderer 1991. A must for anyone with an interest in Revenues. The section on watermarks will be useful to any collector of stamps.

Higgins & Gage. Postal Stationery. Useful for the illustrations of stamps printed on postal stationery cards.

Hungarian Airmail and Flights 1896-1976 - John Latham. 66 pages.

Hungarian Airmail Postmarks - E. Homolya 1974. 26 pages. Magyar Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Hungarian Digest: 85/1 Tourism. 85/2 Hungary 1945-1985. 86/1 Electronics. 86/2 Music. [non-philatelic]

Hungarian Exhibition Cinderellas 1896-1945. 87 pages. An introduction to these labels. Many coloured illustrations. In English, Hungarian & German.

Hungarian Precancels - Wilhelm Schaffling & Otto F. Schaffling 1973. Small study of pre-cancelled stamps. A great deal of written information. Illustrations and Tables at back of book. Society of Hungarian Philately Monograph Series No. 4. In English.

Hungarian Railways - M. Kalla-Bishop 1973. 198 pages. Photocopy of original. David & Charles.

Hungarian Stamps. 1871-1971. Centenary Catalogue. Black & White illustrations, but information at front is very useful particularly for watermarks. In Hungarian.

Hungarian Trade Union News. No. 1 1985. 25 pages. [non-philatelic]

Hungary 1985. Year Book. [non-philatelic]

Hungary – Introduction - E.G. Lovejoy F.R.P.S.L. handstamps from 1593-1915. Notes for a display given at the Royal Philatelic Society on 14th January 1999.

Hungary: The Gary Ryan Collection. Christies auction catalogue for Zürich 15 June 1994.

Hungary: The Gary Ryan Collection. Bound copy of Christies auction catalogues 1994.

Hungary Revenues - J. Barefoot. 1987. Small catalogue and price list which includes watermarks, forerunners, and Fiume - many illustrations.

Kárpátalja Postatörténte - Béla Simady. Budapest 1991. 178 pages. Covers all aspects of the post in Carpathia 1786-1945. contains history, maps and illustrations.

Katalog Praga 88. World Postage Stamp Exhibition catalogue. Useful illustrations of obliterators used and place of origin on page 111. Index of Exhibitors on page 231. Main text in Czech. Introductions in English, French, German, Spanish, & Russian.

Képeslapok könyve - L. Erös 1985. Book of Postcards.

Kocsiposta Történte és Viteld íjrendszerei Magyarországon 1750 és 1850 Között - Czirók Dénes 1995. Extensive study of the postal rates, etc. for mail carried by coach, many tables. In Hungarian.

Kocsiposta Történte és Viteld íjrendszerei Magyarországon 1850-1888 Között - Czirók Dénes 1996. Extensive study of the postal rates, etc. for mail carried by coach, many tables. In Hungarian.

Lapok és képek az Àllami Nyomda töténétebol. 1995. Book together with leaflet containing postcards from Printing Works. In Hungarian only.

London Philatelist. December 1999. Contains article by E.G. Lovejoy “Hungary – A Review of the Postal History”.

Look at Hungary 1986. Vol 7 No.1. 30 pages. [non-philatelic]

Magyar Alkalmi Bélyegzések Katalógusa - Ernö Mihalyfi 1988. 500 pages. A catalogue of Hungarian Commemorative Cancellations 1879-1986. Each year fully listed, with illustrations at the back one or more years to a page - the numbering under the illustrations corresponds to the number given in the year listing. Not all cancels are illustrated. Mabéosz, Budapest. Introduction in Hungarian, English, German, and Russian.

Magyar Bélyegek Katalogusa with Arjegyzéke 1994. Price list of Hungarian stamps with coloured illustrations. Magyar Filatélia Vallalat, Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Bélyegek Kézikönyve - László Súranyi & Gábor Visnyovski. 1986. 551 pages. Extensive catalogue with eight coloured plates and many illustrations. Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Bélyegek Monográfiája - Pál Névi and others. 1965-1973. Vols I-VI. In Hungarian.

Magyar Bélyegkülönlegességek Kézikönyve - Gyula Madarász 1956. 168 pages. Stamp varieties handbook. Very clear illustrations of Watermarks. Some stamps. Other information in form of tables, but easy to understand. Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Dijegyes Postai Nyomtatvanyok Katalógusa 1869-1975 - Béla Simády 1977. 111 pages. Catalogue of postal stationery. Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Dijegyes Postai Nyomtatvanyok Katalógusa 1867-1982 - Béla Simády. 1983. 175 pages. Catalogue of postal stationery. Budapest. Some translations into English, French and German.

Magyar Postabélyegek adattára - Willy Ban 1943. 372 pages + iv. A detailed catalogue of Hungarian stamps. Kiadja: a Hungária magyar bélyeggyujtok kore. Budapest.

Magyar Postabélyegek. A Győri Xantus János Múzeumban. Small catalogue of an exhibition held in the János Xantus Gyor Museum. Illustrates stamps of all periods. In Hungarian at the front and German at the back.

Magyar Posta függetlenné válásának tórténete és az 1867… - Józsefné Sipos. Together with

Magyar Postaigazgatás havasalföldi és modavi dx. kif konbzulátusi... - Dr. Ferenc Nagy. Budapest 1992.

Magyar Posta Sport Témájú Alkalmi Bélyegzöi. 1910-1998. 113 pages. Sport and Olympic postamrks. Simple list with dates and illustrations.

Magyarország postahivatalainak és postaügynökdégeinek hely-, keletbélyegzései (1871-1920) – Postmarks of the Hungarian Post Offices and Postal Agencies (1871-1920)…. – A. Márfai & E. Szép. Budapest 1995. An extensive listing of these postmarks with the types at the beginning followed by an alphabetical list of places with seven columns [explained on page 38]. There is a good English Introduction pp30-40.

Magyarországi Tanácsköztársaságbélyegkiadásainak és A Vörös Hadsereg tábori postájának története -László Surányi. 1979. A study of the Hungarian Soviet regime's stamps and overprints together with study of Red Army material. Akadémiai kiadó, Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Neve? Határokon túli magyar helységnévszótár - Arany Lapok 1990. Gazetteer of Hungary & former territories with previous and present day names. Extensively cross referenced.

Magyarország Ajánlási Ragjegyei 1890-1977. - Editor: Dr. István Flöderer. 1981. Catalogue of Registration Labels. Coloured illustrations at the back. Budapest. In Hungarian.

Magyar Légiposta-Magyarországi Repülójáratok 1896-1978. 66 pages. Hungarian version of John Latham’s book Hungarian Airmails and flights 1896-1978.

Manual of Independent State of Croatia issues 1941-1945. H. Rommerskirchen.

Maps of Hungary. 2-volume book containing maps up to 1850 only. Amazing collection of old maps. Due to size of books reference only or can be brought to meetings on request. Also available CD-Rom for borrowing.

100 Years of Hungarian Postage. Small brochure by Magyar Philatelic Society of G.B. 1971.

Österreich 1867 - Alois Wilhelm Waschutt. 125 pages. In-depth study of the 1867 issue. In German.

Ötnyelvü filatéliai szótár. Budapest 1982. Philatelic dictionary in English, French, German, Hungarian and Russian.

Perfins of Hungary - L. Gróf, D. Malyon, V. Maxa. Short introduction to perfins followed by listing of perfins in alphabetical order. Very easy to use, but no information as to Company names or dates of use

Pioneer Period of Hungarian Airmail - Victor G. Berecz Jr. 1996. Extensive work concentrating mainly on the earlier years of Hungarian Air Mail, though covers up to later 1940s. Illustrated with maps, photographs and philatelic material. Useful bibliography at back. American Air Mail Society.

Posta Ceskoslovanksa Overprints - R.A. Dehn 1985. 1919 overprints on Austrian & Hungarian stamps.. Monograph No. 3 of Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Postai iranyitószámok jegyzéke - Dezsö Horn. Budapest. 1972. 32 pages. Postcodes of places in Hungary.

Postai és Távközlés Múzeumi Alapítvány. Évkönyve. Yearbook 1991. Postal & Telephone Museum Foundation. Budapest 1992. In Hungarian.

Postal Markings of the Austro-Hungarian Navy 1914-1918 - K. Tranmer 1961. The ships are listed under type eg Destroyer with their names and what happened to them. Several of the handstamps are illustrated, but not the ships themselves. Good index at back. Private publication.

Postal and other Philatelic Activities. - W.A. Page. 1981. 38 pages. Monograph No. 1. plus Supplement to same. 26 pages. 1982. Articles concerned with the Czechoslovak army and air force in exile 1939-1945. Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Postal History of Sremska Mitrovica - Geoff Barling 1993. 150 pages. Published by the author.

Postal Rates of Croatia & Srem - Geoff Barling 1999. This book covers historical background, units of currency, weight & distance, in addition to the internal and external postal rates of these areas, together with some illustrations. The postal information is given in the form of tables. Published by the author.

Postmarks of the Hungarian Post Offices and Postal Agencies 1871-1920. Covers Administration changes, monetary changes and the development of the postal service, stamp issues, cancellations, post offices. A few illustrations of the handstamps. Mainly in the form of alphabetical lists. In Hungarian, German and English.

Profila Auctions. No. 29 June 1998 and No.30 November 1998.

Rákóczi-szabadságharc postája. Miklós Kamody. Vaja 1981. 192 pages. History relating to Ferenc Rákóczi II and his post. No illustrations. In Hungarian

Rarest Mixed Frankings of Hungary. G.S. Ryan R.S.P.L. 1992

Reference Book of Overprints on Hungarian Stamps. David Miles.

Sárvár Postatörténete - László Gróf 1993. Postal history of Sárvár. Many illustrations of handstamps, registration labels, covers. Map included. In Hungarian at the front and English at the back.

Short History of Hungary. Nice concise, illustrated booklet beginning with the Arrival of the Magyar to the end of WWII. Produced by the Magyar [now Hungarian] Philatelic society of Great Britain. In English.

Stamps - Gábor Visnyovszki 1996. 271 pages. Classical Hungarian stamps printed in the State Printing House from the beginning to WW1. Extremely good illustrations in colour showing varieties, etc. Allami Nyomda Rt. Budapest. In English, Hungarian & German.

Stempel-Handbuch der k.u.k. Feldpost in Österreich-Ungarn 1914-1918 - Herwig Rainer 1995. In depth study of the Fieldpost marks of Austria-Hungary. Cleverly divided into sections by the use of yellow pages. The book is full of illustrations and tables. The Foreword on page 16 and the Introduction page 38-45 are in English clearly explaining how information is presented. Main text of book in German.

Szeged utcajegyzéke - Dezsö. 1972. 14 pages. Postcodes in Szeged. Budapest.

Szolnok Város Postabélyegzöi A XIX Században - Gyula Kaposvári 1985. Town handstamps of Szolnok, illustrated.

Szolnok Város Illetékbélyegei - Dr. István Floderer 1986. Revenue stamps of Szolnok, illustrated.

Szolnok Város alkalmi bélyegzöi 1937-1988 - József Nagy. 1989. State handstamps for the town of Szolnok, illustrated.

Szolnoki városi bélyeggyüjtó kör 1937-1987 - József Nagy. 1986. Small history of Szolnok philatelic society with many illustrations.

Tanács Stamps - Marcel de Jong 1988. 135 pages. The 1919 'portrait' issue of the Hungairian Soviet Republic. Part 1: Plating. Very large clear illustrations showing precisely the differences on each stamp. OEF publications

Természettudományi és Müszaki Röviditések. Jelek, Jelölések. Második Kiadás1959. Science & Techological abbreviations. Tables and map at back of book.

Ungarische Postabstempelungen - Béla Térfi 1943 Postal and Handstamps of Hungary. Illustrated and listed in alphabetical order. Pages are very loose, some detached. Budapest. In German.

Ungarische Vorausentwertungen 1900-1914 - W.S. & O.F. Schäffling 1982. 24 pages. Hungarian pre-cancels. Bund Deutscher Philatelisten. 2nd edition. Same as Hungarian Precancels in German.

Ungarische Zusatzfrankaturen auf den Korrespondenzkarten 1869 und 1871 – Dénes Czirók Karl Endrődi 2002. Study of Correspondence cards. Coloured illustrations together with tables showing year, date, place sent from and place sent to. At the back of the book are several post office notices. In Hungarian.

Ungarn-Halbierungen - Rolf Rohlfs 2000. Hungarian bisects. The first Austrian issue used in Hungary. Fully illustrated in colour. In German.

Visszatért Period in Hungarian Philately. - Mervyn Benford 1988. Small booklet – a special edition by Stamps of Hungary & Czechout. Covers territory lost after WWI: regained 1938-39: lost again after WWII.

Verordnungen. Small booklet containing six articles reprinted from Stamp Collecting magazine. “First Stamps of Hungary”; “Kubin Bisects”; Early Days of Hungarian Airmails”; Danube in Hungarian Philately”; Inflaion in Hungary 1945-46”; Stamps of the Allied Occupations of Hungary”. In English.

World Convention on Hungarian Stamps & Postal History. 47 pages. Catalogue with coloured illustrations. Budapest 1996. In English, German and Hungarian.

Zakarpatsko - Miroslav Blaha 1989. Covers all aspects of the postal history, handstamps, postal stationery, registered labels, etc of Carpatho-Ukraine 1850-1945. Illustrated. Published by the national Czech Philatelic Society. In Czech.

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