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Hungarian Philatelic Society
of Great Britain
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Most kept for 3-4 years only.

ABPS News.
Official Newspaper of the Association of British Philatelic Societies. Plus ABPS Yearbook and Catalogue of Films, Videos & Slides for Sale or Loan.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ungarn E.V. im BDPh E.V.
with two occasional papers on watermarks, and a collection of articles on Hungarian Philately. In German.

Journal of the Austrian Stamp Club of Great Britain.

Hungarian Philatelic magazine. In Hungarian.

The Journal of the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Czechoslovak Specialist.

Filatéliai Szemle.
December 1984 to September 1993, with some omissions. In Hungarian.


Oost Europa Filatelie.
Dutch Philatelic Journal. In Dutch

Journal of the Yugoslavian Study Group.

News of Hungarian Philately.
U.S.A. society for Hungarian philately. From No.4 May 1970 to current date with some omissions.

1979-1990 with some omissions. In Hungarian.

Romanian Bulletin. plus Romanian Fiscal Stamp catalogue and Romanian Perfin Booklet.

Stamps of Hungary.
Journal of the Magyar [now Hungarian] Philatelic Society of Great Britain. from first issue to current date.

The Trumpeter.
Journal of the Croatian Philatelic Society. [In Vol XI No.2/3 Hungary's share in the 1941 partition of Jugoslavia.[2 pages].

Miscellaneous collection of Stamp Magazines - both British and Foreign - including: Forces Postal History, Stamp Lover, Stamp Mail, Fil-Italia.

Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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