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Inland rates - Second inflation period 1943 to 46
Period No
Start Date
20 g250 g500 g20 g250 g500 g
11st May 194550 f1 p15 p1 p2 p3 p
2nd July 1945
2 p3 p4 p3 p4 p5 p
316th Sept 19456 p
8 p
10 p
10 p15 p20 p
41st Nov 194540 p50 p60 p60 p90 p120 p
516th Nov 194580 p100 p120 p120 p180 p240 p
614th Jan 1946400 p600 p900 p600 p900 p1.2 ep
1st Feb 1946
2 ep3 ep4 ep3 ep4 ep6 ep
81st March 194610 ep15 ep20 ep20 ep30 ep40 ep
916th March 194620 ep30 ep40 ep40 ep60 ep80 ep
1026th March 194630 ep45 ep60 ep60 ep90 ep120 ep
111st April 194640 ep60 ep80 ep80 ep120 ep160 ep
1211th April 194680 ep120 ep160 ep160 ep240 ep320 ep
1323rd April 1046250 ep375 ep500 ep500 ep750 ep1 mp
141st May 19461.2 mp2 mp3 mp2 mp3 mp4 mp
1510th May 19466 mp10 mp15 mp10 mp15 mp20 mp
1620th May 194624 mp40 mp60 mp40 mp60 mp80 mp
1727th May 194672 mp120 mp180 mp120 mp140 mp180 mp
181st June 1946240 mp400 mp600 mp400 mp600 mp800 mp
1911th June 19462.4 mdp4 mdp6 mdp4 mdp6 mdp8 mdp
2017th June 194612 mdp20 mdp30 mdp20 mdp30 mdp40 mdp
2124th June 194624 mdp400 mdp600 mdp400 mdp600 mdp800 mdp
221st July 194624 bp40 bp60 bp40 bp60 bp80 bp
234th July 19461.2 ebp2 ebp3 ebp2 ebp3ebp4 ebp
248th July 194660 ebp100 ebp150 ebp100 ebp150 ebp200 ebp
2512th July 194610 eap20 eap30 eap20 eap30 eap40 eap
18th July 194650 eap100 eap150 eap100 eap150 eap200 eap
2724th July 1946200 ebp400 ebp600 ebp400 eap600 eap800 eap
281st August 194630 f60 f1 Ft60 f1.20 Ft2 Ft
Key:         e   = ezer      =1,000                                                 f = fillér
               m   = millio     = 1,000,000                                        p = pengö
               md = milliard = 1,000,000,000
               b   = billio      = 1,000,000,000,000
               a   = adó        = tax
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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