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1.1 Vienna, the City of Music on Austrian postage-stamps. 3 pages. F. Rohacek. Die Briefmarke ?1965 Also in French and German versions.

1.2 Baroque Art in the country around Vienna. 2 pages. K. Gutkas. Die Briefmarke 1965 Also in French and German versions.

1.3 Ancient Austrian Architecture. 2 pages. Definitives. K.B. Jindracek.. Stamp Collecting. 19 Feb 1960.

1.4 Austria's "Costumes". 1 page L. Schmidt. Stamp Mirror. 3 June 1950.

2.1 The "Little Vienna Mail" from 1772-1850. 3 pages. W. Tettinek. From an Exhibition Bulletin? 1965

2.2 Local stamps - Austria: Katschberghöhe. 1 page. M & L.N. Williams. The Stamp Lover Nov 1959.

2.3 Austria: Semi-private Postal Stationery. 2 pages J.F. Bush. SPA Journal December 1958.

2.4 The Pneumatic Mail at Vienna. 2 pages. P. Schoenmann. Stamp Collecting. May 1961

2.5 Rocket Mail. Carinthia Balloon Flight. Przemsyl. 1 page. K. Tranmer. Austria: a commentary on current events No. 13. Stamp Collecting. 6 November 1964.

2.6 Pigeon Post. 1 page. also reference to Serbia. K. Tranmer. Austria: a commentary on current events No.13. Stamp Collecting. 10 February 1964.

3.1 Fieldpost stamps of 1915. 1 page K. Tranmer. Stamp Collecting May 1961.

3.2 Austrian Ausgleich - K.u. k. abbreviations. 1 page. Copy of article in Stamp Collecting.

3.3 Bosnia 1917. 1 page K. Tranmer. Austria: a commentary on current events No.14. Stamp Collecting. 6 November 1964.

3.4 Military Zone Postal Service. 2 pages. The history, post offices and cancellations. Dr. H. Rommerskirchen. The Trumpeter - Spring 1985.

3.5 Stamp cancellations of Bosnia & Hercegovina. 1 page. System set up in 1878. The Trumpeter - Winter 1984.

3.6 Censor Markings. 14 pages. Handstamps used during the first World War. In the form of tables fairly easy to use. Arbeitsgemeinschaft June 1993 and December 1994. In     German.
3.7 Die Feldpost Österreich-Ungaarns von 1914 bis 1918. 2 pages. First page lists fieldpost numbers of various places, also various regiments together with the different nationalities which comprised the army. Hans Joachim Nagel. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. In German.

3.8 An Introduction to the Austro-Hungarian Fieldposts in Yugoslavia. 3 pages. A.G. Swan. Despite its title the article covers WW1. Much useful information for those interested in this period. Illustrated. Jugoposta December 1995.

3.9 Czech & Austrian Fieldpost 1914-1918. 6 pages. A. Knight. Useful for the beginner in this field, contains Hungarian material. Czechout. 1990.

3.10 Austro-Hungarian Military Mail 1914-1918. 5 pages. An index to Colonel Dixon-Nuttall’s book. Austria Winter 1997 & Spring 1998.

3.11 Civilian Post Censorship in World War I. 7 pages. Discussing censored mail, includes a map and a list of censorship offices in Austro-Hungary. Carl A. Carter. Austria No.44 Jan/Apr 1978

3.12 The Archduke Labels of 1916. 4 pages. These 17 charity labels are often found on World War I postcards. The article names all 17 Archdukes featured. J.F. Giblin. Austria No 54 Winter 1980.

3.13 Austria-Hungary in the First World War. Short history of the events after June 1914 until 1918. J.F. Giblin. Austria No.47 January 1979.

4.1 Post Offices of former Austrian territories. Part 1 & Part 2. 16 pages & 10 pages. Duplicated list of names. K. Kohler. Austrian Stamp Club of Great Britain. 1957.

4.2 "Thimble" postmarks of Austria. 2 pages. P. Schoenmann Stamp Collecting 25 June 1965.

4.3 The Slogan-type Cancellations in Austria 1938-1945. 12 pages H.G. White. ASC of GB 1988

4.4 Austrian Stamps and Postmarks 1938-1945. 3 pages. K. Tranmer. Stamp Lover 1989.

4.5 Overprints and Obliterations on the Hitler heads. 1 page. K. Tanmer. Stamp Collecting 2 Mar 1962.

4.6 Austrian Post offices abroad. 1 page. Austria: a commentary on current events No. 13. Stamp Collecting. 10 July 1964.

4.7 Parcel Posts in the Empire, and successor states. 1 page. A display given by John L. Whiteside.

4.8 Austrian postage rates up to 1918. 3 pages. Simplified list taken from Czechout 4/1987.

5.1 Postage Stamps issue of 1850. 21 pages. Comments on the differences in gum, paper and watermarks, etc. typescript.

5.2 Lombardy-Venetia 1850 issue. 2 pages. The 45 centesimi in Type 1: the cliches A & B. H. Kolbe. Bulletin 3. WIPA 1965. Also in French and German versions.

5.3 Reprints of the 1858 issue. 1 page. Compiled from information in "Die Postmarken von Österreich" by E. Müller.

5.4 Newspaper Tax Stamps. 1 page. C.W.E. Coles. Stamp Collecting. 23 October 1964.

5.5 Austria: the 1867 issue. 2 pages. J.H. Marton. The Stamp Lover. January-February 1943.

5.6 Detailed study of the Austrian 1916-1919 definitives. 3 pages. N. Auiven. Philatelic Magazine. 2 March 1951.

5.7 The One Schilling stamp of the Basilica at Mariazell. plus reference to Blackprints & Costumes. 2 pages. K. Tranmer. Austria: a commentary on current events No.6. Stamp Collecting. 27 January 1961.

5.8 Katalog der Stempelmarken und Gebührenmarken von Österreich. 88 pages. Fiscal stamps, etc. H. Dürneder. Die Briefmarke 1969. In German.

5.9 Handbook of the Pre-Stamp Postmarks of Austria. 105 pages. T.E. Steinway. Collectors Club NY 1960.

6.1 Railways of the Habsburg Empire. 1 page [2 sides]. includes mention of Hungarian railways. I.W. Roberts. Stamp Magazine. July 1991.

7.1 The first International Air Mail route of 1918. 3 pages. Flashback to Austria's Pioneer Service. Philatelic Magazine. 14 November 1958.

8.1 T.P.O. Klagenfurt-Maribor Post Ambulance No.27 centenary. Tyrol. 1 page. K. Tranmer. Austria: a commentary on current events No.10. Stamp Collecting. 1 November 1963.

9.1 Austro-Hungarian Navy Fieldpost 1914-1918. 5 pages. Useful history, many illustrations of the ships, includes Ships Marks/censorship, the "Wutscher" cards, and hospital ships mail. Alan Knight. Czechout 3/1991.

9.2 Fieldpost of the Austro-Hungarian River Fleet in World War 1. 5 pages. The Danube River ships [Donnauflotille] as opposed to the Navy. Lists different types of ships, postal markings, etc. Jiri Nekvasil [ed. Alan Knight]. Czechout 4/1993.

9.3 Über die k.u.k. Donauflottille 1914-1918. 5 pages. similar to above A9.2 less illustrations. Dr. Palotás. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. December 1991. In German.

9.4 Arbeitskreis Marinefeldpost. 6 pages. K. Kalis. Handstamps used on Torpedo boats pre-1917, some Hungarian names. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. Dec 1993. In German.

9.5 An Introduction to Austro-Hungarian Naval Mail 1914-1918. 16 pages. Illustrated article covering start of the war, the serving fleet, naval mail, and cancellations. Arthur Godden. Austria No.47 January 1979.

10.1 The first postcard – Postal Regulations 2 pages. H. Paul Milsom. Together with The First Postcard 3 pages V. Houska. Czechout 1/1991 and 4/1990.

11.1 The Russian Field Post Offices during the Austro/Russian Campaign in Hungary 1849. 2 pages. I.W. Roberts/M. Benford. Very good historical and campaign information. Czechout 3:86.

Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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