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1.1 Transylvanie: fausses surcharges. 2 pages. Most 1919 Rumanian overprints on Hungarian stamps are forgeries. F. Serrane. English translation.

1.2 Arad issue 1919. 5 pages. Gives numbers overprinted of the various types. Also mentions Sopron. Typescript.

1.3 Multiple and Mixed Censoring in the Banat & Transylvania - 1919. 6 pages. D. Grecu. Romanian Postal Bulletin December 1993.

1.4 Back to the Banat. 2 pages. Identification of forgeries. S.Zimmerman. Stamp Monthly. January 1983.

1.5 Foreign censor markings used in Banat 1914-1919. 1 page. CCSG Bulletin. August 1986.

1.6 Postcard to Arad 1911. 1 page. Sent from Berlin , probably by train. Markings discussed. Romanian Postal History Bulletin. September 1994.

1.7 Postmarks of the Hungarian Administration in Northern Transylvania. September 1940-September/October 1944. 13 pages. D. Grecu. Romanian Postal History Bulletin. September 1994.

1.8 Inverted overprint appears on Hungarian Harvester issue. 2 pages. Discovery of this Temesvar overprint by the Wlaschims in Vienna. Dr. J.H. Jenny. The Trumpeter. Winter/Spring 1984.

1.9 History of Private Mail Service in Transylvania. L. Ettre. 1987. See Book Reviews. H2.3.

1.10 Postbericht von Siebenbürgen für das Jahr 1802. 16 pages. Actually covering years up to 1830. List in columns of the Post Offices of Transylvania with dates of opening and names of Postmasters. Hardly needs translation. Arbeitsgemeinschaft 1991-1993. in German.

1.11 Postbericht von Siebenbürgen für das Jahr 1831. 24 pages. Actually covering years up to 1850. List in columns of the Post Office of Transylvania with dates of opening and names of Postmasters. Hardly needs translation. Arbeitsgemeinschaft 1991-1993. In German.

1.12 Bánát Bácska overprints. Photocopies from David Miles of the unauthorised issues of 1919.

1.13 Hungarian Post Offices in Romania 1867. Short cutting. News of Hungarian Philately April 1974

2.1 Hungarian Sopron overprints authenticated. 1 page. Status of the stamps overprinted during the 1956 uprising. 27 December 1957.

2.2 Hungary: the "Lajtabánság" overprints. 1 page. also includes reference to Sopron. J. Kuli. Together with Update on Western Hungary 1 page Charles B. Kamiss. Stamp Collecting 11 Jan 1968 and News of Hungarian Philately April 1974.

2.3 Notes on Burgenland Philately. From the Beryl Fletcher collection.

2.4 Pinkafeld. 5 pages. Pinkafeld was originally in Burgenland and transferred to Austria after WW1. There are many illustrations of its postmarks from very early up to 1990s. Plenty of history. In German. Prof. Richard Zimmen. Die Briefmarke. 11/1991.

3.1 Czechoslovakia. 42 pages. Chapter 10 of "The New Europe". General history of the establishment of Czechoslovakia after the end of the First World War.

3.2 The History of Czechoslovakia. 4 pages. H. Aubrey Rowe. The Stamp Magazine September 1982.

3.3 Posta Ceskoslovenskà 1919 overprints. 5 pages. R.A. Dehn. Gibbons Stamp Monthly November 1969.

3.4 Perfins from the territory of Czechoslovakia. 3 pages. V. Maxa. Perfins Club 1972.

3.5 Austro-Hungarian postmarks used in Czechoslovakia. 4 pages. Z. Kvasnicka. Czechoslovak Specialist.

3.6 Hungarian postmarks of Slovakian territory 1938-1939. 1 page. A.J. Stoyel. Czechoslovak Specialist June 1957.

3.7 vacant

3.8 A note on Hungarian Field Post Cancellations on territory captured from the Czechoslovaks on 16th June 1919. 1 page.

3.9 Czechoslovak Military Post in Slovakia 1919-1920 2 pages. The occupation of this area by various armies. Dr. Miroslav Vostatek. Czechout 3/1987 together with The Italian Fieldpost in Slovakia - 1919. 2 pages. John. Whiteside. Czechout 2/88.

3.10 Czechoslovak Stamps used in Hungary. 3 pages. The period after the Vienna Accord of Nov 2 1938 when part of this territory returned briefly to Hungary. Gabor Voloncs. Czechout 3:86.

3.11 The Validity of Czechoslovak Stamps on territory occupied by Hungary in 1938. As above B3.10. 1 page. Felix Seebauer. Czechout 4:85.

3.12 Handbuch der tschech. Postempel, etc. 4 pages. F. Leitenberger. Austrian & Hungarian handstamps used in the former territory. 1930. ?Photocopy from Czechout Magazine. In German.

3.13 Czechoslovakia 1919 [Propaganda stamp]. 1 page. J. Whiteside. Slovenska Post overprints on Hungarian stamps. Czechout.

3.14 Czechoslovakia 1919 [Postage Due]. 1 page. J. Whiteside. Local overprints on Hungarian stamps used in Ersekujar, Slovakia.

3.15 The State Emblem of the Slovak Republic. 4 pages. J. Vilikovsky trans. Michael Chant. Origins of the state emblem. Many illustrations of coats of arms, etc. Also mentions Hungarian emblem.Czechout 2/98

3.16 The Postal War in 1934 between Hungary and Czechoslovakia. 3 pages. 3 different short articles referring to the “Justice for Hungary” flight and Czechoslovakia’s refusal to accept the 1933 stamp featuring the plane.

3.17 Returned cover of 1936. Showing the unacceptable Czech stamps and return label. 1 page. Czechout 3/1997.

4.1 Fiume and its stamps. 3 pages. J. Gretton. Foreign Stamps December 1982.

4.2 The Story of Fiume. 2 pages. C.H. Adams. Stamp Collecting 15 May 1969.

4.3 Poor Forged Fiume. 5 pages. R.A. Dehn. Gibbons Stamp Monthly October 1964.

4.4 Fiume storia postale 31 pages R.A. Dehn. Extensive article on stamps & postal history. In Italian & English.

4.5 Postmarks of Fiume. 24 pages. John Gilbert. Listing with many illustrations

4.6 Postal Markings of Fiume. 14 pages Francesco Gerini. Mainly 1924-1925 some Jugoslav occupation.

4.7 Postmarks of the Province of Fiume. 10 pages. Francesco Gerini. A study of the postal organisation in the redeemed territories taken from Austro-Hungary after the first World War. With many illustrations.

4.8 Fiume Twins meet after separation. 1 page. Discovery of first genuine Type IV hand overprinted stamp and its "twin". A.G. Giumaniani. The Trumpeter. Autumn/Winter 1993.

4.9 Three Fiume Forgery Overprints. 1 page. Victor Kreloff. On Hungarian stamps. The Trumpeter. Autumn 1981.

4.10 The Stamps & Postal History of Fiume 1600-1924. 2 pages. Roy A. Dehn. Photocopy of section e ‘The Ungaro-Croata company’.

5.1 Roumania. 32 pages. Part of Chapter 6 of "The New Europe". Includes transfer of Transylvania from Hungary in 1919.

5.2 The Roumanian Military Post & Telegraph Office in Budapest. 2 pages. A. Cronin. Romanian Postal Bulletin. December 1993.

5.3 The Romanians in Budapest. 1 page. Query from David Miles re genuineness of cancellations. Romanian Postal Bulletin. December 1993.

5.4 Romanian Pows held by the Western Allies in WWII. 6 pages. Mentions the Romanians, later POWs, in the Hungarian army. Illustrations. Dan Grecu. Romanian Postal History Bulletin. Vol 7 No.1 1996.

5.5 The Second Debreczen issue of 1919 under Roumanian Occupation. 3 pages. A. Cronin. Romanian Postal History Bulletin.

5.6 Zsombolya/Jimbolja. 2 pages. Question and Answer regarding this town's change of name and incorporation into Rumania after WW1. Jugoposta. December 1995.

6.1 Russia. 10 pages. Part of Chapter in "The New Europe". Includes references to the Ruthenians and their position in the Ukraine 1919.

6.2 The Hutsuls of Ukraine. 9 pages. Article on the village of Kryvorivnya in the Carpathians today and their way of life unchanged for centuries. National Geographic 1997.

6.3 A glimpse of Old Carpatho-Ukraine's mail. 5 pages. Follows history of WW1 and WW2 occupations. Illustrations and map. O. Hornung. Czechout 3/89.

7.1 Yugoslavia. 29 pages. Chapter 7 of "The New Europe". The establishment of the country in 1919 - and some account of events in the Second World War.

7.2 Jugoslawien I. Overprints on stamps of Bosnia and Hercegovina and Hungary. Book 17 of "Neues Handbuch der Briefmarkenkunde" 1964. In German.

7.3 Jugoslavien. Early postal stationery of Jugoslavia. 8 pages. P.H. Crodel. Extract from the "Grossen-Ganzsachen-Katalog" 1928. In German.

7.4 Neglected stamps of Bosnia. 2 pages. P. Hamilton. Philatelic Magazine. 25 July 1958.

7.5 Serbia 1840-1880. 5 pages. J. Volny. Gibbons Stamp Monthly.

7.6 Hungary's Share in the 1941 Partition of Jugoslavia. 1 page. T.M. Gordon. The Trumpeter. Winter/Spring 1983 plus extra paragraph from The Trumpeter Autumn 1981.

8.1 The Visszatért postmarks of Hungary. 4 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Collecting. 7 September 1972.

8.2 Note on a postmark of October 1938. In Hungarian.

8.3 The Visszatért period in Hungarian Philately. 3 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Mail. December 1991.

8.4 Cancellers used in the returned territories 1938-1941. A series of three articles featuring the auxiliary cancellers used in the Visszatért period. Many illustrations, maps and tables showing names & number used. Reasonably easy to use despite being in Hungarian. Dr. Zoltán Palotás. Philatelica 87/2, 88/1, 88/2, 90/1.

8.5 Taksony. 2 pages. Discusses the whereabouts of this town. Czechout 3/1997.

9.1 Stamps of the Allied Occupations of Hungary. 3 pages. B. Madeley. Stamp Collecting. Nov 1979.

9.2 Der Kurierdienst des Staatsbauamtes von Gyula in 1944-1945. 3 pages. The Diplomatic Courier Service of the Rebuilding Officer of Gyula 1944-45. Deals with the re-building programme started soon after the entry of the Soviets into Bekes. Arbeitsgemeinschaft . In German.

9.3 Die Deutsche Feldpost im Zweiten Weltkreig. 2 pages. G. Oberleitner. Articles includes Table and Maps showing routes taken by fieldpost. Includes Hungary. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. In German.

9.4 SHS Postal Stationery used in Baranya under Serbia Occupation. 3 pages. A reply to an article in the September 1999 issue of Jugoposta. Roger Morrell.

10.1 Croatia: Hungarian Army Campaign April 1941. 3 pages. Two postcards sent during campaign, plus map. The Trumpeter.[ together with Postal rates 1941-1945. 2 pages.The Trumpeter - Summer C13].

10.2 Croatian Regional Issues. 3 pages. The overprints used on Hungarian stamps 1918-1921. The Trumpeter. Winter 1992.

10.3 "SHS" overprints on Hungary: Croatia November 1918-January 1919. 8 pages. An extensive list of types. K. Palmer.

10.4 The Island of Pag. 2 pages. G. Barling. Article with mainly modern information, but some historical. Jugoposta. March 1996.

10.5 Postal Rates of Croatia 1991-95. 1 page. Domestic and International. Bernard Sharp. Jugoposta December C13

10.6 Withdrawal of Mail in Croatia in 1919. 8 pages. Special form printed in Hungarian & Croatian used August 1919. Masahiro Sugiya. Jugoposta June 1999.

11.1 Hungarian forerunners. 1 page. Letter re: place names in an earlier article. James Negus. Sander's Philatelic Journal. May 1985.

12.1 Slovenia. 2 large newspapers articles on Independence. The Guardian 16 May 1988 and The Independent on Sunday 30 June 1991.

12.2 The Postal Rates of Slovenia 1991-97. 4 pages. Bernard Sharp. Jugoposta December 1998.

13.1 I learned about philately from that. 1 page. K. Illyefalvi. A short article on the dangers of collecting. French Occupation material. A cover from WW1. The Trumpeter. Spring 1985.
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