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1.1 Order for the Austrian Post Offices by the Ministry of Commerce, 17 April 1867. 2 pages. Open style translation in English of the document authorising the takeover of the postal administration in Hungary and Siebenburgen [Transylvania] by the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Commerce.

1.2 Role of contemporary Documents in the Evaluation of the History of the Indpendent Hungarian Royal Post and the Issue of the First Stamp in 1867. Zsuzsa Sipos Furofilex Budapest 1992

2.1 Magyarország Béltegei. 13 pages. Front section from 1969 catalogue with useful information on watermarks, errors & abbreviations. In Hungarian but easy to use - with illustrations.

2.2 Hungarian Watermarks. 4 pages. Viktor Weinert. The Stamp Lover.

2.3 Mitteilungsblatt Nr.: 8a. 14 pages. Small booklet dealing with Hungarian watermarks. In German but with beautiful clear illustrations. Very easy to use. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ungarn e.V. im B D Ph e.V.

3.1 The Postal History of Hungary: cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the first issue of Hungary. 6 pages. Gary S. Ryan. Collector's Club Philatelist. Vol 61 No.1 January 1982.

3.2 Magyar Markings. 3 pages. Refers briefly to a wide variety of cancellations - TPSs, postal agencies, etc. Andrew Cronin. Stamp Collecting. 20 September 1963.

3.3 Ungarische Nachentwertungsstempel. 3 pages. Short article on Hungarian Dumb Cancellers with plenty of illustrations. Although in German the information under the illustrations hardly needs translating! Frank Semmler. Arbeitsgemeinschaft.

3.4 Die Gegenüberstellung der Stempelnumerierung in der ungarischen Rechshälfte swischen den Katalogen von G.S. Ryan und Edwin Müller. 7 pages. Listing of comparative catalogue numbers for the G.S. Ryan and the Edwin Müller catalogues of early Hungarian postal marks also including former territories. In German

3.5 Hungarian Post Offices in Romania. Small cutting. News of Hungarian Philately April 1974.

4.1 History of pre-cancels:rarest Hungary a pre-cancel. 1 page. Ben Reeves. Typescript.

4.2 Hungarian pre-cancels. 5 pages. Reprinted from Donau-Post - translated from the German by Dmytro Bykovetz. SPA Journal. December 1959.

4.3 Hungarian pre-cancel dates, doubles and inverts. 5 pages. Gerard Gerardzoon. The American Philatelist. Typescript copy together with copy of S G R: Hungarian pre-cancels: copied from The Precancel Bee 15 June 1940.

4.4 Hungarian pre-cancels. 2 pages. Patrick Hamilton. Stamp Collectors Fortnightly 26 June 1954

4.5 Hungary: cancellations to order 1954-1955.1 page James Negus. The Stamp Lover.

5.1 Post-WW2: Hungary. Copy of a note showing a letter from USA to Hungary dated Feb 1957. US postmark has
political slogan, letter returned with sticker explaining text is unacceptable. Robert Johnson. CCGS Bulletin.

5.2 Censor Marks on Hungarian Stationery. 3 pages. D.D. Malyon. The Trumpeter. Winter/Spring 1987 and Spring/Summer 1990.

5.3 Ungarische Tarnstempel im. I. Weltkreig. 1 page. Obliterators of WW1. On the back page appears to be a list of censor numbers. Frank Semmler. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. In German.

6.1 The Army Post Offices of the Hungarian Bolshevik Army.5 pages. Typescript translation?

6.2 Stamp Imprints on Army Postcards. 2 pages. Typescript translation.

7.1 Bistra-post. 1 page. Post from the Hotel at Bistra. L.N. & M. Williams. The Stamp Lover. December 1954. with a similar note from Stamp Magazine.

7.2 Magura Post. 1 page. Hotel post. L.N. & M. Williams. The Stamp Lover. March-April 1955. with a similar note as 2.4

7.3 Hohe Rinne. 2 pages. Hotel post. L.N. & M. Williams. The Stamp Lover. January-February 1956. plus Philatelic Magazine.

7.4 Sopron Messenger Post.1 page. L.N. & M. Williams. August 1965.

7.5 Hungarian Messenger Post. Sopron Post. 1 page P.F. Rampacher. Stamp Lover. May 1954.

8.1 Perofralt Bélyegek.2 pages. An article on perfins, together with an English translation and 9 pages, perhaps from another source, illustrating perfins. Maxa Vojtech. Filatéliai Szemle. April 1972.

9.1 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ungarn E.V. im BDPh E.V. March 1995. Contains a listing of Hungarian postage rates by Glatz & Semmler. Reasonably easy to use. In German.

9.2 Listing of postage rates 1920-1930. 5 pages. Covers Inflation Period. In form of charts,etc. Easy to use but needs careful study. In Hungarian.

9.3 Listing of postage rates 1940-1946. 5 pages. Covers Inflation Period at the end of WWII. In the form of charts, etc. Easy to use but needs careful study. In Hungarian.

9.4 Hungarian postage rates. 1 page. In chart form. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. June 1993. In Hungarian.

9.5 Hungarian Postage rates. 5 pages. 1946-1997. In the form of tables. Bélyeg Aug 1997. In Hungarian.

9.6 Hungarian Postal Rates. 12 pages. 1918-1927. Listing for all rates including postal vcards, airmail, inland and foreign for letters, printed matter etc. Ferenc Orban. Stamps of Hungary. March, June & September 1990.

10.1 Postal Stationery. 17 pages. Hungary - Higgins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalogue.

10.2 A Hundred Years of the postcard. 3 pages. W.P. Eisenthal. Stamp Collecting 2 October 1969.

10.3 The Centenary of the postcard. 2 pages. P. Schoemann. Stamp Collecting. 13 November 1964.

10.4 The Status of Postal Stationery. 3 pages. M. Benford. Philatelic Magazine. November 1979.

10.5 Hungary's bi-lingual postcards. 3 pages. M. Benford. Gibbons Stamp Monthly. June 1986.

10.6 Hungarian Thousand Year Jubilee Cards. 2 pages. P.F. Rampacher. Covers. May 1955.

10.7 The "Envelope" Stamp Design in Hungarian Postal stationery. 4 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Collecting. 25 March 1976.

10.8 Illustrated Postcards of Hungary. 3 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Collecting. 8 May 1975.

10.9 Commemorative Postcards. 8 pages. Release dates, descriptions and illustrations. January1989-November 1990. Philatelica Hungarica. In English and German.

10.10 The birth of the postcard. 1 page. M.G. Pitt-Payne. Stamp Magazine. February 1991.

11.1 Arbeitsgemeinschaft - Die Handstgempelaufdrucke der Ungarischen Portoprovisorten des jahres 1918. Small booklet. The Porto Handstamps of 1918. Part 2 contains very useful illustrations of all these handstamps inc. the "T" and numerals. In German but charts are easy to read. English translation of headings inside. F. Semmler. 1988.

11.2 Hungarian overprints: remnants of chaotic politics. 2 pages. James Glasgow. The Trumpeter. Winter 1987.

12.1 Cancellers. 6 pages. Letter & photocopies dealing with data not in Monografia. Letter in English photocopies in Hungarian. 1985.

12.2 Hungarian postmarks since 1949. Assorted articles, illustrations, etc.

12.3 Special Postmarks. 1994-1996. Various.

13.1 Montenegro Postal Rates. 1 pages. K. Robinson. Rates from 1874 to 1907. Jugoposta. March 1996.

13.2 The Postal Rates of Croatia 1991-95. 2 pages. B. Sharp. Comprehensive listing of modern rates - domestic and international. Useful for modern postage due collectors. Jugoposta. December 1997.

13.3 The Postal Tariffs of Yugoslavia 1918-1991. 8 pages + 1 page update. B. Sharp. An update to Parts I and II together with Part III. [Parts I& II at present in Jugoposta - see Part 2]. Duplicate of Jugoposta December 1995.

13.4 Czech Postage Rates. 3 pages. J. Whiteside. Covers Internal and Foreign rates 1918-1978. Useful for modern collectors.

13.5 The Postal Rates of Slovenia 1991-97. 4 pages. Bernard Sharp. Jugopost December 1998

13.6 Postal Rates in Bohemia Moravia Protectorate 15.3.1939-8.5.1945. Foreign Rates. 2 pages. Czechout 3/2000.

13.7 Hungarian Postal Rates for 2002. 2 pages. News of Hungarian Philately April-June 2002.

14.1 Philatelic Terms Explained- Line & Comb Perforations. 1 page. K.F. Chapman. Very useful small article clearly setting out differences & use of these perforations. British Post Office Bulletin.

14.2 Multi-Lingual Postal Terms. Some words & phrases found on postal items in 8 different languages. Not all terms in all languages. Bernard Sharp. Jugoposta.

14.3 Philatelic & Other Translations. Philatelic terms in various languages translated into English together with some tourist and other general terms also translated into English.

15.1 Introduction to the use of Stickers as a Special Feature of Parcel Cards. 3 pages. T. Artel. Use of these stickers in Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary. Although the illustrations are of 1919-21 examples, the information will apply to earlier periods of use. Jugoposta. December 1997.

16.1 Hungarian Postage Dues. 4 pages. Mervyn Benford. Article which appeared in the Gibbons Stamp Monthly of July 2001.
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