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1.1 The Hungarian classics. 8 pages. G.S. Ryan. included in the London Philatelist Vol 82 June 1973 plus November 1973.

1.2 European classics - Hungary. 9 pages. Includes notes on postal stationery and forgeries. Mercury Stamp Journal. September 1958.

1.3 Die klassischen Markenausgaben von Ungarn. 4 pages. O.G. Schaffling. Der Sammler-Dienst No.19-23 1957 and November 1962. In German.

1.4 Hungarian stamps 1871-1940. 28 pages. M.C. Zinsmeeister. Western Stamp Collector, Oregon, U.S.A. 1948.

1.5 Nights at the J.P.S. 2 pages. Notes on a display by Harry L. Hayman. Stamp Lover.

1.6 The Early Hungarian Essays and their status. 2 pages. William Stericker. Typescript. Austro-Hungarian Philatelic Society. April 1955.

1.7 Hungarian stamps start 1850. short paragraph from magazine.

2.1 Nineteenth century revenue stamps of Hungary. 7 pages with numerous illustrations. Photocopy. T.W. LeVay. The American Revenuer. Vol 16 No.10 December 1962.

2.2 Hungary Revenues. 1 page. An introduction. László Gulyás. Stamp Magazine July 1999.

2.3 Early Fiscal Stamps of Austria & Hungary. 12 pages. Photocopied extracts from Forbin's Fiscal Catalogue. In French.

2.4 Telegraph Stamps. 2 pages. Extract from catalogue.

3.1 The more dangerous forgeries of the lithograph stamps of Hungary. 2 pages. Nikolaus Redey. Philatelic Journal of G.B. 10 October 1921.

3.2 Sperati and his craft - XXXII. Notes on forgeries of the lithograph stamps of 1871. Robson Lowe. The Philatelist.

3.3 Newspaper stamp issue of 1871, horn to the right. A note on identifying forgeries.

3.4 Budapest banks postal forgeries. 4 pages. SG.465, 7 & 72 are known to have been forged and passed into use. H.G. Leslie Fletcher.

3.5 Fälschungen der Ungarischen Vorphila Briefe.2 pages. Forgeries on Hungarian pre-stamp mail.. With very large, clear illustrations of genuine and forged handstamps. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. German translation from Philatelica 90/2 and 91/1.

4.1 The issue Hungary planned in 1848. 1 page. C.S. De Kisshazy. Philatelic Magazine 15 Nov 1957.

4.2 The first stamps of Hungary. 3 pages. G.S. Ryan. Stamp Collecting 29 November 1979.

4.3 1867 - the first issue of Hungary. 8 pages. G.S. Ryan. Included in the London Philatelist Vol 93 March-April 1984.

4.4 Ungarn 1874-97. Brevmønsterudgaven i kobbertryk. 4 pages. Printing differences in the 'letter' stamps. F. Orbán. Dansk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift 36. 2 February 1975. In Danish.

4.5 Ungarn 1888-99. Brevmønsterudgaven i begtryk. 4 pages. similar to 4.4. F. Orbán Dansk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift 36. 4 April 1975. In Danish.

4.6 Unkarin kuparipainanteiset kirjekuorimerkit 1874-1897. The letter stamps, types, watermarks, etc. 6 pages. Kalle Vaarnas. Suomen Postmaerkileti No.2 1983. In Finnish.

4.7 The 1898 and 1899 issues of Hungary. 2 pages. Arpad Banyai. Austro-Hungarian Philatelic Society. April 1953.

4.8 A 20 krajcaros. 2 pages. The 'letter' issue. In Hungarian.

4.9 Nyomási és egyéb rendellenességek as 1881., 1888 évi bélyegeknel. 1 page. Printing errors in the 'letter' issue. In Hungarian.

4.10 Die Ausgabe 1867 der k.u.k. Doppelmonarchie. 2 pages. Useful illustrations of printing differences on this issue. Heinz Joachim Nagel. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. March 1993. In German.

5.1 Probanyomatok. 8 pages. Essays/proofs of the 1871 issue. In Hungarian.

5.2 Az 1871. évben kibocsátott magyar könymatos bélyegek. 6 pages. The 1871 issue. J. Palman. In Hungarian.

5.3 Magyarország elsö hazai gyártásù lévelbélyege. 2 pages. The 1871 issue. G. Madarász. In Hungarian.

5.4 The 1871 issue of Hungary. The 1871 engraved issue of Hungary. 14 pages. G. Madarász Reprint of series from Gibbons Stamp Monthly 1967.

5.5 The first issue of Hungary. 3 pages. Ten types. Hugo Griebert. Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal. April 1924.

5.6 The 1871 lithographed stamps of Hungary. 2 pages. Notes of ten different types. John Grafel. SPA Journal. April 1949.

5.7 Dies and printing material of the 1871 issue of Hungary. 27 pages. Edwin Mueller. London Philatelist. May 1958 and June 1958.

5.8 The Hungarian lithographs of 1871. 5 pages. O.G. Schaffling. Explains the differences between litho and engraved issues. The American Philatelist. February 1979.

5.9 The first Hungarian stamp printed in Hungary. 2 pages. G. Madarász. Gibbons Stamp Monthly. May 1965.

5.10 The postage stamps of Hungary 1871-1872. 2 pages. H.R. Holmes.

5.11 The three papers of the 1871-1875 engraved issue. 2 pages. Typescript. A.J. Gibbs.

5.12 Early Hungarian stamps 1871-1874. 2 pages. John Grafel. Stamp Magazine. October 1951.

5.13 Kubin bisects. 2 pages. Ferenc Orbán. Stamp Collecting. 29 November 1979.

5.14 Az 1871 évi könyvnyomásos levélborítékok díjjegyeinek típusai. 15 pages Tamás Bánfalvy. The 1871 postal stationery cards. The many very detailed illustrations are extremely useful for those interested in this subject. From Filatelie Szemle In Hungarian.

6.1 Tisztelt Szerkesztöség! 1 page. The Turuls. L. Pakozdi. In Hungarian.

6.2 The 'Turul' definitives of Hungary. 3 pages. James Mackay. Foreign Stamps. April 1983. together with The ‘Turul’ Definitives of Hungary 1900-1915.
2 pages. Ferenc Orban. Gibbons Stamp Monthly August 1989.

6.3 Hungary's harvesters. 2 pages. Includes some remarks on hand stamped postage dues. R.J. Sutton. Philatelic Magazine. 18 January 1952.

6.4 After the harvesters come the gleaners. 2 pages. Includes more remarks on hand stamped postage dues. R.J. Sutton. Philatelic Magazine. 28 March 1952.

6.5 Further notes on Hungary's harvesters. 1 page. A. Lipschitz. Philatelic Magazine. 7 October 1955.

6.6 Hungary - Scott No.108. 2 pages. The many uses of the 2 filler 'harvesters' issue in 1916. A.P. Francis. SPA Journal. June 1953.

6.7 Lyuk a bélyegen. 2 pages. Three hole triangular perfs. In Hungarian.

6.8 Stamps of Karl and Zita. 3 pages. A. Blair. Stamp Review. April 1938.

6.9 The Rogues Gallery. 2 pages. The commemorative issue of the Soviet Republic in 1919. W. Stericker. SPA Journal. Feb 1951.

6.10 The 75 filler Parliament stamp. This short article shows the two types of 75 numeral and their positions in the sheets. In Hungarian.

6.11 Az 1919 évi Tanácsköztársasági…… Article on the 45-filler Petofi stamp from the Soviet issue of 1919. Nice large illustrations of stamp showing the differences with re-construction of a sheet showing where each can be found. Extract from his book published 1988 on the complete set of stamps. In Hungarian. Very easy to use. Short English description. Philatelica 89/1.

7.1 Internment Camps in Hungary for Polish Military Personnel. 4 pages. I. Gazda. The American Philatelist. July 1989.

7.2 Mail of Polish Military Internees' Camps in Hungary. 2 pages. I. Gazda. Photocopy of article in 66. Bélyegnap Budapest 1993.

7.3 New Facts on Polish Military Internment Camps in Hungary. 8 pages. inc. illustrations of mail and list of camps. I. Gazda. Dylizans, Polish Society Bulletins No. 21. July 1997 and No. 22. October 1997.

7.4 Prisoners of War WWII. Hungary. Short paragraph and illustration.

8.1 Inflation in Hungary 1945-6.3 pages. Elaine Arundel. Stamp Collecting. 29 November 1979.

8.2 Inflation and the Hungarian 'Permit' stamps. 3 pages. M.C. Zinsmeister.

8.3 Hungarian stampless covers of 1946. 2 pages. James Negus. SPA Journal. December 1955.

8.4 More about those Hungarian inflations. 2 pages. How many zeros are involved? M.C. Zinsmeister. Austro-Hungarian Philatelic Society 1954.

8.5 The 'Permit' stamps of Hungary. 3 pages. Typescript. M.C. Zinsmeister.

8.6 The Hungarian Inflation of 1945-6. 8 pages from internet site. 2001.

8.7 Pengo Devaluation of December 1945 and the Tax Pengo [Ado-Pengo] January 1946. 1 page. R.A. Banyai. Notes from The Legal & Monetary Aspects of the Hungarian Hyper-Inflation 1945-1946.

8.8 Magyar Nemzeti Bank & Inflation. 1 page. Stamps on banknotes.

8.9 Budakeszi Postmaster Provisions Result of Hungary’s Ihyperinflation. 2 pages

9.1 Ideiglenes postaszolgálat. Magyarországon 1944-45-ben. 27 pages. The temporary postal administration in 1944-5. L. Pákozdi. Philatelica, Budapest. No.1 1972 (Part 1); No.2 1972 (Part 2). In Hungarian.

9.2 The Story of Hungarian Red Cross Stamps. 1 page. P.F. Rampcher. Covers. April 1954.

9.3 The Hungarian Roosevelt issue of 1947. 1 page. B. Bauer. SPA Journal.

9.4 More Hungarian Humbug. 1 page. Poets & Authors air stamp issue. Stamp Collecting. 25 Sept 1948.

9.5 Hungarian Heroes stamps. Magazine cutting.

10.1 Hungary behind the Iron Curtain. 2 pages. L. Challen. Stamp Magazine. December 1956.

10.2 Az 1950 évi második forint-filléres oirtobélyegek eltései. 2 pages. The 1950 postage due issue. A. Somogyi. In Hungarian.

10.3 Hungary 60 fi. flower with inverted colours. 1 page. C.P. Rang. January 1956.

10.4 Zamenhof - the originator of Esperanto. 1 page. S. Werner. Stamps. 12 December 1959.

10.5 Tennis on stamps. 2 pages. SG.2081-9 the story on the stamp. Typescript.

10.6 Hungarian carnival masks. 2 pages G. Bishop. Foreign Stamps. November 1982.

10.7 Buso-walking at Mohacs, Hungary. 5 pages. goes with 10.6 G. Bishop. Hayes Philatelic Pamphlet. 1975.

10.8 A gap in the curtain. 1 page. Budapest & related stamps. A. Obresetz. Stamp Collecting 2 Aug 1963.

10.9 Cuttings on various stamps issues. 2 pages.

10.10 Beethoven 1970 issue. Small cutting detailing errors found on this stamp.

10.11 Chess. 2 pages. Short article on the chess stamps of 1950 and the subsequent issue of 1974. M. Benford.The Trumpeter.

11.1 The Danube in Hungarian philately. 3 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Collecting. 29 November 1979.

11.2 Water in Hungarian Philately. 10 pages. Booklet on water in all its forms. M. Benford. 1993.

11.3 The Danube. Booklet. An anthology in stamps and postcards. From the collection of Julius A. Herrstein. September 2000.

12.1 The Gróf Collection of Sárvár Postal History. 7 pages. L. Gróf. Listing of exhibiton material 1853-1974.

12.2 Notes for a Display given at the Royal Philatelic Society January 1999. Geoff Lovejoy's notes on his postal routes collection from 1750 including some TPO and FPO items.

12.3 The First Turul Period in Hungarian Postal History. The W.G. Moseley Memorial Lecture 5th November 1997 by R.G. Frost.

12.4 Photocopy of items put on display at Stamp 2000 by Julius Herrstein.

13.1 List of Post Offices established in 1867, 1868, 1869 with serial number and post office name; and county. From Philatelica 86/2.

13.2 Map of Postal Routes 1901. From Philatelica 85/2.
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