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1.1 Why collect Hungary? 2 pages. M. Benford. Philately April-June 1972.

1.2 Elementary Hungarian Philately. 5 pages. An initial introduction to the philately of the period following 1918. George Feldman. SPA Journal. June-August 1951.

1.3 Hungary meets all tastes. 2 pages. M.Benford. Stamp Collecting. 29 August 1968.

1.4 Hungary. 3 pages. Background to stamps and postal history. M. Benford. Stamp Magazine. Oct 1989.

1.5 Philately coming alive; the Society Holiday in Budapest. Roger Morrell. 2001.

1.6 Hungarian Stamps and History. 2 pages. W.S.Fekete. Stamps 17th December 1960.

1.7 Hungary’s History in Stamps. 2 pages. W.Ward. Stamp Review April 1937.

1.8 Hungary A Short History. 2 pages. Includes a reprint of part of an article on the elusive first issue. Scott Stamp Monthly.

1.9 History & Philately of Hungary. 12 pages. A. de Dáni. Extremely good introduction to collection Hungarian material. Covers watermarks, issues, dates etc. Illustrated. Austria No. 21 July 1971.

2.1 The significance of the Holy Crown to Hungary. 6 pages.

2.2 The Holy Crown of St. Stephen. 2 pages. G.H. Bishop. Stamp Collecting. 7 December 1972.

2.3 The Crown of St. Stephen. 2 pages. E.J. Stannard. Stamp Collecting. 21 September 1951.

2.4 Stamps of St. Stephen. 1 page. H.E. Harris. Stamp Collectors Fortnightly. 26 February 1938.

2.5 Will U.S. now return Hungary's Crown? Cutting from Sunday Express.

2.6 Plea to display the Hungarian Crown. 1 page. Peter Hopkirk.

2.7 Gekreent mit der heilig Kron. 1 page. Article on St. Stephen's crown. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. March 1993. In German.

3.1 History and Romance in the land of the Magyars. 2 pages. M. Milne. Philatelic Magazine. 28 April 1950.

3.2 Hungary - the shrunken land. 2 pages. M. Mulford. World Stamp Digest. July 1938.

3.3 A King needed for a kingdom. 2 pages. Philatelic Magazine. 2 January 1953.

3.4 Turuls. short cutting.

3.5 Hungarian History. 8 pages. Original typescript. Paul Tabori.

3.6 Early encyclopedic entries on Hungary. Useful background information.

4.1 The break-up of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. 4 pages. W.P. Eisenthal. Stamp Collecting. 7 November 1968.

4.2 A Fall of Eagles. Part IV. 5 pages. The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire. A. Sterckx. Stamp Collecting. 17 April 1980.

4.3 Hungarian carve-up. 4 pages. Includes incomplete list of post offices in former Hungarian territories with the modern names. A. Obresetz. Sander's Philatelic Journal. January 1959.

4.4 View of Trianon's Hungary. 36 pages. Illustrated book extract describing history 1914-1921. ?A. Yallard. University of Budapest

4.5 Post Trianon Hungary. 33 pages. Photocopy of chapter on Hungary from book "The New Europe".

4.6 Hungary 1919. 4 pages. J.A. Mackay. Stamp Magazine. July 1969.

5.1 Europe after the first World War. J.A. Williams. Stamp Collecting.
      • Part 3 - Germany & Central Europe.
      • Part 4 The Balkan Countries.
Austria & Czechoslovakia. 2 pages. 14 July 1967.
Hungary. 3 pages. 21 July 1967.
Territory transferred to Italy, Fiume. 4 August 1967
Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, & Greece. 21 September 1967.
Albania. 1967.
Postscript to Europe after WW1. 1 page. 23 November 1967.

5.2 The Aftermath of the first World War. 1 page. The establishment of Czechoslovakia, and the birth of Yugoslavia. Part of a series. S.H. Norris. Gibbons Stamp Monthly. August 1965.

5.3 The first World War. Part 3. 3 pages. Mainly Roumania and Russia. S.H. Norris. Gibbons Stamp Monthly. May 1965.

6.1 An Admiral who ruled Hungary. 1 column. Newspaper cutting from Doncaster Chronicle. 27 February 1962.

6.2 Hungary during the war. 2 pages. J.H. Marton. Philatelic Magazine. 24 January 1947.

6.3 East Europe Map from Daily Mail War Atlas c.1940. Black & white photocopy. May need use of magnifying glass for some borrowers.

7.1 The Danube. Europe’s river of Harmony and Discord. 14 pages. General article on the history of the Danube, the people who live alongside it and the aftermath of breakup of Yugoslavia. Cliff Tarpy. National Geographic. March 2002.

7.2 vacant, 7.3 vacant, 8.1 vacant.

8.2 List of Hungarian Counties in 1978. from Guide Book.

8.3 vacant

8.4A Maps pre-1850. 25 pages. Taken from CD-Rom of Atlas Hungarica.. Needs use of magnifying glass.

8.4B Maps pre-1850. 26 pages. Taken from CD-Rom of Atlas Hungarica. Different from 8.4A.

9.1 1956 Revolution. Various newspaper and magazine articles on this subject.

10.1 Hungary after Communism. Series of newspaper articles on various subject relating to the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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