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1.a. Hungarian Airmails. Orange folder containing selection of articles, etc as detailed below:
Hungary's First Flights 1963-1970 in German. Early version of John Latham's book 'Hungarian Airmail and Flights 1896-1976 but with different illustrations. More Hungarian Airmails by John Latham. Hungarian Airmail 1918-1968 by John Latham. 33 Pages of early Airmail covers. Photos of early aviators. Map of Hungarian Airmails 1954. The Mails Take Wing article by James Watson. Vienna-Budapest Glider Train article and illustrations. Hungarian Postal Flights by J. Nagy. The History of Hungarian Aviation on Stamps. Hungarian Crash Mail. The First Scheduled Hungarian Air Service. Hungarian Air Mail Etiquettes. Aeroplanes on Hungarian Stamps by John Latham. Hungarian Airmail 1924 by Julius Pewny. Malev Hungarian Airlines - history. Guido Prodam& the First Airmail Postcard by F. Nagy. 1918 Budapest-Vienna Route. Airmail service during the siege of Przemysl. Hungarian Balloon Post. Hungary's Aviation History on Stamps by James Watson. The Atlantic Conquered by Robert S Wood. Aeroplanes on Stamps - checklist. Collecting Air Crash Covers by S.D. Jameson. The Pioneer Flight by Field Pilot Hans Wannoch over the Carpathians by Keith Tranmer. 1974 Hungarian Aerophila Stamps - background details. Various cuttings & letters on Airmail topics.

1.1 Légiposta-szolgálat 1914-15-ben Przemysl ostroma alatt. 2 pages. Air service during the siege of Przemsyl. With English translation. R.R. Lóránt.

1.2 Early days of Hungarian airmails 1896-1926. 2 pages. J.J. Latham. Stamp Collecting. 29 Nov 1979.

1.3 Hungarian Balloon post. 1 page. Typescript list of items.

1.4 Az elsö magyar postarepülés. 1 page. The first Hungarian airmail flight. L. Biro. English translation

1.5 Hungarian air mail - 1924. 1 page. Translated from Donau Post. J. Pewny. 31 July 1924.

1.6 Hungarian airmail of the 1930s. 4 pages. With copies of the list of flights. 2 pages. V.G. Berecz.

1.7 New Hungarian 'airs'. 1 page. Stamp Collecting. 15 March 1947.

1.8 Hungarian airmails. 1 page. Recent additions to his collection. J.J. Latham.

1.9 Aeroplanes on Hungarian stamps. 1 page. Typrescript list. J.J. Latham.

1.10 List of Zeppelin flights 1930-37 for which special postmarks with an inscription were used.

1.11 Léghajó a bélyegen. 1 page. David Schwarz and airships. In Hungarian.

1.12 Hungarian Air Mail Postmarks. Small booklet. Good introduction to this subject. E. Homolya. 1974.

1.13 The Graf Zeppelin Hungary Flight Cachets. 2 pages. Useful short article on how to distinguish the two types of markings. V. Berecz. The Trumpeter. Winter/Spring 1987.

1.14 Aviation with Mail Transport. 1 page. 1915-1918. List of Austro-Hungarian bases; and French aviation units with the Serbian Army. Michael Lenard. The Trumpeter. Winter 1990/91.

1.15 Hungary: The First Airmail Issue. 7 pages. O. Schaffling. Much information on this stamp - postal rates, routes, forgeries, first flight crash. This article has appeared in several magazines.

1.16 A Challenge. 1 page. V. Berecz. The inverted overprint and double overprint on first airmail issue. American Journal Vol 16. No.2 Mar/April 1985.

2.1 Hungarian railways and the post. 4 pages. M. Benford. Stamp Collecting. 10 July 1980.

2.2 Philately of the Southern Railway in Hungary. 2 pages. History and stamp issues featuring trains and stations. P. Parragh. The Trumpeter. Winter 1988.

2.3 Cross-border Travelling Post Offices 1850-1988. 14 pages. Dr. A. Tesitel. Railway routes, mainly Czech, but several Hungarian mentions. Some useful information for all railway collectors. Czechout. 1991.

2.4 T.P.O. routes in Czechoslovakia. 2 pages. Question and answer. Czechout 1/86 & 2/86.

2.5 Railway Postal routes. Sketchmap of 31st Dec1850 before the railway line opened 31st May 1850, together with a sketchmap of 1867 showing the railway of 1862.

3.1 Hungary: Zala-Somogyer Steamship Co. 2 paragraphs. Stamp Lover. Oct-Nov 1954.

3.2 Hungary: Zala-Somogyer Steamship Co. 2 pages. Translated from Merkur. P.F. Rampacher. Stamp Lover. Dec 1957-Jan 1958.

3.3 T.B. Morton Danube and Black Sea Covers. 2 pages. E. Klein. The Stamp Lover. Feb-Mar 1942.

3.4 T.B. Morton Danube and Black Sea Covers. 1 page. E.F. Hurt. The Stamp Lover. Apr-May 1942.

3.5 The Danube Steam Navigation Company. 6 pages incomplete. Some additional notes. D.N. Kelly. The Philatelist. March 1972.

3.6 The Danube Posts and the Danube Steam Navigation Company. 6 pages. E.F. Hurt. The Stamp Lover. Oct-Nov 1942 & Dec 1942.

3.7 Forgery and Reprint Guide 7-8 DDSG. 31 pages. Identification of forgeries of the stamps of the Danube Steamship Company 1866-1878. J.Barefoot.

3.8 It's a Peterdi. 3 pages. K.V. Illyefalvi. SPA Journal. September 1975.

3.9 Peterdi, Paquebots & Postal Puritanism . 3 pages. J.L. Briggs Jr. Austria 119 Spring 1997.

3.10 Hungary: The Zala-Somogyi Steamship Company. 4 pages. History, stamps & cancellations, forgeries, and list of names around Lake Balaton which have now changed. Typescript from Private Ships Posts of the World - Vol II.

3.11 The Danube Steam Navigation Company [D.D.S.G.]. 9 pages inc. map. History, post offices, stamps. Typescript from Private Ship posts of the World - Vol II.

3.12 Die Ungarische Seepost. 4 pages. Very useful for illustrations of cancellations. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. December 1994. In German.

3.13 The special Hungarian Letter of the Merchant-Submarine Mail Service of 1917.

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