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1.1 Artists who design stamps of Hungary. 2 pages. Philatelic Magazine. 27 December 1963.

1.2 Sandor Légrady, the famous Hungarian artist discusses his work for stamp designs. 1 page. T. Dersi. Stamp Magazine.

1.3 Mr. Vasarhelyi - stamp designer. 1 page. Stamp Collecting. 1 Aug 1968.

1.4 Hunting dogs breed for first time. Stamp designer J. Vasarhelyi breeds Hungarian Kuvasz dogs. Cutting from Evening Despatch. 3 December 1975.

1.5 Die Briefmarkenentwürfe des Michael Roch. 3 pages. Short article with details of his life and showing various designs by him for Hungarian stamps. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. December 1991. In German.

1.6 In Memoriam József Vertel. 1 page Obituary. Arbeitsgemeinschaft. September 1993. In German.

1.7 Ferenc Helbing. 3 pages. L. Molnár. Photocopy of article in 66. Bélyegnap Budapest 1993. In Hungarian with summary in English.

2.1 Budapest 1961: The International Stamp Exhibition. 2 pages. A. Niven. Stamp Collecting. 27 October 1961.

2.2 The Bratislava exhibition. 4 pages. The stamps discussed are all Czechoslovakian. R.A Dehn. Philatelic Magazine. November 1980.

2.3 Elsó Országos Carte-maximum kiállitás. 6 pages. First Maximum Card exhibiton [postcards bearing the same pictures as the stamps]. Maximafilia Szakosztaly. Budapest 1983.

2.4 Eurofilex Budapest 1985 Exhibition Guide.

2.5 Eurofilex Budapest 1992 Exhibition Guide.

2.6 Mafitt Szalon'92 Exhibition Guide.

2.7 Colopex '96 Stamp Show and Exhibition.

2.8 100 Years of Hungarian Postage Catalogue. Exhibiton & Convention with Austrian Stamp Club and Czechoslovak Philatelic Society, together with a copy of Newtown News local paper report. 1983.

2.9 66. Bélyegnap Budapest September 10-15 1993. Joint Stamp Exhibition between Hungary & Poland.

2.10 Hunphilex 2000 Budapest. August 18-21. Hungarian Stamp Exhibition. [3 books].

2.11 Stamp 2000. May 22-28. Bulletin 2 together with photograph of award given by HPS of GB

2.12 66.Bélyegnap. September 10-15. Budapest 1993.

2.13 The Millennium Midpex. The 2001 Midpex at Tile Hill, Coventry. Gibbons Stamp Monthly July.

Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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