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Hungarian Philatelic Society
of Great Britain
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1.1 Constitution & Rules.

1.2 Index of Articles in Magazine. This was prepared by John Dixon-Nuttall in 1986.

1.3 The Magyar Philatelic Society of Great Britain. 1 page. Magazine press release.

1.4 Publicity Leaflet produced 1997.

1.5 Somerset & Dorset Federation Newletter. Contains article by Les Berry. Autumn 2000.

1.6 National Youth Stamp Group Booklet. Produced for Stamp 2000 with donations from the HPS of GB among others.

2.1 Hungarian philatelic publications in the Mabeosz Library. 7 pages. Philatelic Literature Review. Vol 28. 1979?

2.2 Listing of books in the library of F. Orbán. 1985.

2.3 Book Reviews. Assortment of reviews on books dealing with Hungarian philately.

2.4 Auction Reviews. Assortment of reviews on Hungarian collections.

3.1 Introducing Postal History. Vivien J. Sussex. 1988.

3.2 Introducing Thematic Collecting. Alma Lee. 1984.

3.3 Guidelines for Successful Exhibiting. Franceska Rapkin. 1991.

3.4 Is there a judge in the house? 1 page. G. Richardson. Stamp Collecting. 24 March 1967

3.5 The judges are always right! 1 page. K. Roberts. Stamp Collecting. 30 November 1967.

3.6 Guidelines for Thematic Judges & Exhibitors at local and federation level. Franceska Rapkin

3.7 Competitive Exhibiting. Short guide to the levels of awards and judging criteria used at FIP International Exhibitions. ABPS 2000.

3.8 Philatelic Websites. How to find philatelic material & societies on the web. BPT May 2000.

4.1 Magyarország béltegei. 10 pages. Hungary's Postage Stamp Catalogue of 1949 stamps. Sándor Székely. Budapest 1950.

4.2 Philately in Hungary. Cuttings from stamp magazines on collecting in Hungary.

4.3 The Black Raven of the Hungarian Post. 2 pages. The legend of the Black Raven of Hungary and why it was chosen as the symbol of the Hungarian post. Ladislaus Biro. News of Hungarian Philately Aug 1973 Vol. 4 No. 8.

4.4 Hungarian Postal & Philatelic scene. 2 pages. D. Potter. Stamp Magazine. May 1972.

4.5 Guidebook to Hungary's Stamp Museum 1990/1-2. In Hungarian with French language booklets.

4.6 Notices regarding destruction of Hungarian stamps. 10 pages with catalogue nos. and quantities. In English, French and German.

5.1 Report of Facts on Hungarian Scouting 1910-1945. 11 pages. Non-philatelic. Typescript. V. Sandor Nagy.

5.2 Hungarian Architecture. 4 pages. Non-philatelic.

5.3 Visiting Hungary. Various newspaper cuttings, etc. Non-philatelic

5.4 Visiting Budapest. Various newspaper cuttings describing modern Budapest. Mainly non-philatelic.

5.5 Coinage of Hungary & former territories. Small catalogue entry, articles, etc.

6.1 “Hungarian Horror” – More Mischievous Myths!. 1 page. Kenneth R. Lake. Reply to article by Mervyn Benford. Stamp Collecting March 1977.

7.1 Obituaries.

8.1 GaryRyan

Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
Hungarian Philatelic Society GB
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